Costa Cálida Cares

Wellcome to Murcia: A place to rest, to heal, to enjoy.

The Region of Murcia, has specialized in Health Tourism for centuries. The ancient Roman and Arab civilizations chose our land for the goodness of its waters and its climate. A land where sun and light are present more than 2,800 hours a year.

We have natural springs, and two seas, the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor, a small salty sea, with no waves, shallow depth where the properties of its waters and sludge are beneficial to health.

All these attributions make our region a healing land.

Following the path that nature offers us, Costa Cálida Cares is born. We are a private association of Spas, Thalassotherapy Centers, Spas, Hospitals and service companies. Where the philosophy of its members is Health and User Care. The professionalism and quality of treatments, infrastructures and personnel are the basis of our know-how, they are our credentials.

Medical treatments

Our hospitals provide medical service and assistance, combining the most advanced surgical technologies with personalized attention by a team of highly qualified professionals who grow with us every day. Our main objective is to offer top quality services always respecting our philosophy of closeness to the patient, a direct human relationship with the objective of making you feel at home.

We have all the Spanish and European quality seals that guarantee the high level of medical quality of our hospitals, our procedures and our medical staff.

We are specialized in:

  • Fertility
  • Sports Medicine
  • Trauma and prostheses
  • Dermatology
  • Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine

Receiving a quality medical treatment, with specialized professionals and in a Mediterranean environment, healthy, bright, calm, helps to make your recovery faster and more pleasant.


Costa Cálida Cares provides you with everything you need to maintain or recover your balance, the harmony that helps you enjoy the good times.

Murcia is a small and endearing region, if we were a perfume bottle smelling of sunshine, light, sea, spring. It would make you feel relaxed, happy, happy. Nature has been very generous with us, and our job is to allow you to enjoy this gift, to enjoy our health resources.

Following the good work of nature, learning from it, respecting it and taking care of it, we put in your hands a team of professionals, specialized working collaboratively with a single objective your WELFARE.


Tahe Fertilidad se asocia a Costa Cálida Cares

Tahe Médical Center y Costa Cálida Cares firmaron la pasada semana el protocolo de adhesión para que la clínica especializada en fertilidad pase a formar parte del grueso de organizaciones que conforma el consorcio de turismo médico murciano de salud de la Región de Murcia. Jaime Dávalos, presidente de Costa Cálida Cares, y Pedro Antonio …


Looking forward to FITUR, the great tourism fair of the world. We’ll be meeting with lots of interesting people and initiatives and introducing our great Region de Murcia to all of them. Stay tunned through our social networks for comming news and updates. Come, heal, enjoy!!!

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Health Travel Agency is a travel and services agency created to meet the needs of medical, preventive and health tourism reception in the Region of Murcia and its surroundings.

Its staff, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector of services and travel agencies, manages to adapt the demand of each client to the possibilities offered by the Region of Murcia and nearby cities, reaching a personalized service and maximum satisfaction for achieve excellence in our services

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