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Wellness Programmes in Spain (Murcia Region)

If you are looking for an ideal place to improve your physical and mental state, and integrate healthy habits and activities into your lifestyle, rest your mind and return completely rested, Costa Cálida (Murcia Region) is the destination for you.

On the Costa Cálida we have everything desired to help you detoxify from the stress in your life, you can experience wellness tourism and enjoy a wide range of activities and treatments to renew your mind, soul and body.

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A break in paradise

Wellness on the Costa Cálida allows you to do activities in contact with nature, as well as enjoy new relaxation techniques such as wraps with mud from the Mar Menor. Hydrotherapy and hot springs are another way to take advantage of the water resource in our area to renew yourself and let positive energy flow throughout your body.

The unique style of wellness that we have on the Costa Cálida will allow you to improve in conditions such as psoriasis, rheumatism and stress.

In addition, Murcia Region offers FREE Covid insurance, so you don’t have to worry about anything. For more information press HERE.

Wellness for you

Murcia Region is a health paradise. Nature has given us light, sun, warmth, two seas, springs, and a fertile land where fruits and vegetables are our insignia. It is our pleasure to share this legacy with you.

We have all the ingredients to make your wellness experience unmatched. Our wellness accommodations, together with our professionals and the environment that the Costa Cálida offers, provides a unique destination to regain health.

From the Costa Cálida, we offer you the flexibility to choose the program which best suits your needs so that you can enjoy and improve your health. Choose from a variety of options and call us so that those in charge of Costa Cálida Cares can help you design the program that gives you energy and happiness.

We have prepared everything to make you feel relaxed and safe in our spas, in addition to a healthy and rich diet that is the perfect complement to your stay in Murcia Region.

Wellness Programmes


Detoxification allows the body to «cleanse and reset itself.» When doing our Detox Program, both the digestive system and the main organs begin to eliminate toxins that have accumulated within the tissues in a natural way.

Your body will be able to rebalance itself to function normally and efficiently. This will help you feel fresher, lighter, and more energetic. Our Detox Program will allow you to lower your stress levels and recharge your energy, returning home fully rested.

Each program includes a health check, nutritional consultation and relaxation treatments. You will leave feeling lighter, happier, and ready to begin your new journey to health.


✓ 5 nights of accommodation
✓ Diet Plan
✓ Medical consultation and food Master Class
✓ Daily wet stove
✓ 2 Archena Massages
✓ 2 Lymphatic drains
✓ 3 Accesses to the Balnea Thermal Circuit
✓ Free access to the Thermal Pools Spa


Your physical health is as important as your psychological health. Recharge your mind and body with energy and recover from pandemic fatigue. We want to help you alleviate the negtive psychological side effects of Covid-19. Whether you have suffered from the virus or not, we have a specific treatment for you, depending on your needs.

Our postcovid program is a comprehensive treatment that includes the therapeutic benefits of thermal programs, psychological recovery techniques and a relaxing environment.

It is a program designed by our medical team that focuses on alleviating the effects of pandemic psychological fatigue, such as insomnia, perception of loneliness, grief, anxiety, depressive symptoms or post traumatic stress.


✓ 6 nights of accommodation and breakfast in a 4* hotel in the Archena Spa
✓ Free access to the SPA Thermal Pools.
✓ Medical examination at the Spa.
✓ 6 days of treatment prescribed by the doctor (except Archena Massage, Aquatic and Biodynamic Relaxation and Peeling with Honey and Salts). The treatments may be: mud, thermal bath, or Termarchena
✓ 3 Accesses to the Balnea Thermal Circuit.
✓ 2 Psychological Consultations or two integrative therapies in water

*Upgradable to the nights you need. If the stay is 10 or more nights, you will be gifted a complementary Archena Massage.


This program is designed for those who suffer a lot of stress in their life, especially if it comes from the workplace.

For this, those responsible for Costa Calida Cares have created programs to improve your lifestyle in two ways; immediately thanks to the environment that the Costa Cálida provides, with its beaches, temperatures and hot springs, and on the other hand permanently with the tools that are going to be given to you.

All this set of environment, food and coaching will impact your nervous system in a very positive way, improving your health and sleep. This program allows you to customse everything you want, so we invite you to tell us what is happening to you in order to design the best program for you.


✓ 6 nights of accommodation and full board in a 4* hotel
✓ Diets: 4 days Relax and 2 days Detox
✓ 2 Psychology Consultations to choose between: Relax, Duel, Anti Stress or Self Control or 2 sessions of assisted aquatic relaxation
✓ 1 Hr. Bath of Sounds (Tibetan bowls, quartz, oceanic drum, carillon, ear tags, etc.) Helps to calm the mind, relax and balance energy. They harmonise body, mind and spirit
✓ 2hrs Conscious Walk in Nature: It consists of a guided walk through Nature connecting with it through the emotions and the senses, walking slowly, touching the trees, the water, listening to the song of the birds, feeling the wind, the fall of the dew drops … This «getting lost» in nature strengthens the immune system, reduces stress and lowers blood pressure and heart rate, among other immediate benefits
✓ Treatments:
– 2 Assisted Aquatic Relaxation,
– 2 Biodynamic Relaxation
– 2 Archena massages
– 4 accesses to our Termarchena circuit
✓ Access to Spa Thermal Pools
✓ 6 Accesses to Balnea Thermal Circuit (2h)


We have designed a treatment where the benefits of the light of Murcia Region together with its mineral-medicinal waters, provide a significant improvement in dermatological treatments.

The main advantage of balneotherapy is that it is a natural treatment, which is applied in a relaxing environment and away from stressful factors. This makes it pleasant for patients. Psoriasis and atopic dermatitis are the two dermatoses in which their benefits have been most proven with the thermal waters that we have in Murcia Region.

The program is directed by a dermatologist who establishes the guidelines in which baths, pimples and sun exposures must be given, so that the best results are obtained from those who suffer from dermatitis or skin conditions.


✓ 7 nights accommodation in apartments facing the sea
✓ Dermatologist medical examination
✓ 6 body wraps of marine mud from the area
✓ 3 body massages of 45 min
✓ 1 vichy shower with essential oils and 7 relaxing hand pressure showers
✓ 1 body peeling with marine salts from the Mar Menor and aromatic essential oils


We offer a thalassotherapy program in a centre where you can enjoy the benefits of modern thalassotherapy, which originated in the 19th Century, seeking solutions for our current well-being.

Discover the infinite treatments offered by this thalassotherapy centre and tailor the program to suit your needs.


Spa in Spain


Award for the best aquatic therapy


Average temperature all year round


Safe Destination. Check our plan with our advisor. For more information press HERE.

Happy Patients!

«The attention, the thermal facilities, a magnificent SPA!»

Patricio Saldes

«Very good room, the food well presented and very good, excellent anticovid measures, and the perfect antirheumatic treatments, the magnificent pools and spa, and the treatment of the staff in treatments such as hotel pools and magnificent bars, it is the tenth time I go and I will repeat whenever I can»

Antonio F

«A good place to relax. Very good attention from the staff. In the restaurant you eat very very well»

Julian Puche

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Wellness Manager

Mamen Martínez
Manager for Costa Cálida Cares

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Where do you want to carry out your wellness program?

We offer you several alternatives so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and tastes. Thermal Spa Resort with three hotels and mineral-medicinal water, 5* and 4* hotels, flats facing the sea, campsite with mineral-medicinal water, and hotel with thalassotherapy centre. In each of them we can offer you different activities and book them for you.


Double Tree by Hilton La Torre Golf & Spa Resort 5*

Ona Mar Menor Golf & Spa Resort 5*

Ona Hacienda el Álamo Golf Resort 4*

Ona Lomas Village appartments La Manga Resort

Hotel Puerto Juan Montiel 4*


Balneario de Archena Hotel Termas 4*

Balneario de Archena Hotel Levante 4*

Balneario de Archena Hotel León 3*

Balneario de Archena paraiso termal

Balneario de Archena


Appartments Centro Vital Aguas Salinas

Thalasia Costa de Murcia Hotel & Spa 4*

San Pedro del Pinatar mediterráneo

San Pedro del Pinatar mediterráneo

San Pedro del Pinatar


La Fuente Camping – Thermal water

Fortuna paraiso de aguas mineromedicinales

Fortuna paraiso de aguas mineromedicinales

Fortuna paraiso de aguas mineromedicinales


Wellness Experiences


Sea mud has the property of deeply cleaning the skin, eliminating toxins and exerting a stimulating effect on the dermis. In addition, when applied hot, they have many benefits in rheumatic treatments, osteoporosis, tendonitis, muscle pain and psoriasis.


Water dream therapy is a unique experience of aquatic physiotherapy in which through the power of sea water and the combination of movements, stretching and underwater massage of the whole body, we achieve a total relaxation effect.


This activity that takes place on the beach, carried out by professionals who adapt to your level of activity, you will achieve through a series of exercises, recharge your connection of body and mind, in a quiet environment, and in contact with the benefits that offers us the Mediterranean Sea.


The union of nature with mindfulness is the perfect way to regain the balance that our day to day makes us lose. The power of nature that Murcia Region offers is spectacular, it will allow us to regain calm and put our priorities and our mind in order.

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